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If castle's famous prisoners

The castle | Stiller Beobachter / CC-BY-SA
Castle Epidemic Imprisonment Alexandre Dumas Honoré de Mirabeau If castle

Mirabeau in jail

Mirabeau was locked here in 1774 by his dad, during 6 months. The young debauched Honoré made big debts, that’s why.

Besides, in If castle, he even flirted with the cook’s wife! Hey, Honoré was 26, he was vigourous and she was the only woman in If…

"The crazed bird fed between 4 walls", as he described himself left then for the terrible stronghold of Joux... clearly less comfortable.

The plague captain

In 1720, we have captain Chataud locked in If. You know? The one of the Marseille’s great plague epidemic.

He came back in Marseille harbour after a commercial trip in the East and didn’t declare sailors who died suspiciously on board.

Sailors bearer of the black plague… a sickness which then decimated all the city.

The mayor himself ordered him to shut his mouth about that. Why? Because the precious boat’s cargo belonged to him, he wanted to make money in fairs, quickly…

Chataud stayed 2 years in If. And he was proved innocent.

Edmond Dantès

Yes, of course, the castle of If really exists! It’s not the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas who created it! You know?

The place where he locked his hero, count de Monte-Cristo! The fictitious Edmond Dantès, wrongly locked here between 1815 et 1829, pondering his revenge…

His cell was re-created, with the hole in the soil to escape! The jail where he met abbot Faria, who spoke about a treasure buried in an island…

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