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In Vascoeuil, the Michelet fell in love from dad to daughter

Michelet | Public domain
Castle Love story Vascoeuil castle

Vascoeuil is a nice little manor, raised with grey stones, flanked by its brick dovecote.

The castle was mentioned for the first time in 876 in a charter written by Charles the Bald. Vascoeuil was the fief of the Hotot family, then the d'Estouville family.

In 1762, the president of Paris Parliament, Charles-Jean-François Hénault, owned the castle.

Who was Hénault? Well, a man (also historian) who wrote Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire de France ("Chronological Abstract of France's History"), which caused a stir when it was published! His book was 8 times published when he was alive...

In the 19th century, Mrs Poullain-Dumesnil, a rich woman, owned the estate. Her son Alfred became friend with the famous writer and historian Jules Michelet, who was also his teacher.

Michelet became friend with Mrs Poullain, and he came very often in Vascoeuil.

And Michelet's daughter married his student, Alfred! The castle was damaged during World War II, but was restored by a couple who founded here a Modern art centre.

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