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Jacques Coeur's royal life in Bourges

The courtyard | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Town house Jacques Coeur Jacques Coeur's palace

Jacques Cœur had several houses, but the most beautiful one was located in Bourges city. He spent 100 000 golden crowns for the construction, and a chronicler said "it was a king's piece of work". But, who was Jacques Cœur?

The rich, very rich king of France Charles VII's Finance Minister, ennobled and covered in many honours... A situation which caused jealousy! Jacques' name was dragged through the mud, he fell from grace, accused of Agnès Sorel's murder.

But let's get back to the point: the hotel. The story began in 1224, when king Louis VIII allowed Bourges inhabitants to build their houses on the Gallo-Roman wall. Jacques Cœur bought 20 years later a plot of land where he raised his house.

It was a real palace! A huge staircase led to the first floor, with its apartments: Galley's room, Bishop's room, Angel's room, Treasure's room... Did you know there was a kind of bathroom on ground floor? In fact, a steam room, with a little wardrobe where the swimmer could put his clothes.

The house wasn't finished in 1450, but it was already furnished: 15 "huge and comfortable" beds, golden goblets, silver pots, golden salt box... Yet Jacques, when he organized parties, had to rent tin plates, because there were too much guests and not enough dishes...

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