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Jaulny castle and a mystery about Joan of Arc

The castle | SGC.Alex / CC-BY-SA
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Jaulny and the lords des Armoises

The medieval castle evokes the time of brave knights of Jaulny. We found them many times in Lorraine’s history.

Among them, lords des Armoises. One of them especially interests us: he was Robert des Armoises, lord of Tichemont.

He married the famous Claude des Armoises… the ″other Joan of Arc″! Yes, that was her.

So: the Maid of Orléans didn’t die at stake, killed by the English, in Rouen… no!

They burnt another woman (with her face veiled, surprise, surprise!) and Joan ran away in Lorraine to have a quiet life!

Jeanne du Lys

In 1436, a lady called Claude des Armoises appeared near Metz, in the city of la Grange-aux-Ormes: she introduced herself like ″Jeanne du Lys the Maid″.

Her mum and old neighbors in Lorraine even recognized her!

She passed by Orléans, then, where people recognized her too; they gave her a big sum of money, in memory of the city’s liberation.

Then, Claude went to the court of Luxembourg and in Germany, then she came back in Lorraine where she married Robert des Armoises.

The false Joan!

So, a real story?! Well, now, we know it was a load of bunk!

Claude des Armoises was a damned usurper, who pretended she was Joan.

You know what? It worked! Except for the king of France: he unmasked her.

When he met her, in 1439, he said: ″Maid, my friend, welcome to you, in the name of God who knows the secret existing between you and me.″

This sentence troubled Claude, who immediately knelt and confessed all the truth…

Claude was sentenced and then, she mysteriously disappeared...

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