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Jean de La Taille, author of the Three Unities, was born in the manor

The manor | FlyAkwa / CC-BY-SA
Castle La Taille manor house

We are now a few kilometres from Pithiviers, in the small village of Bondaroy. Here we have this little, rustic castle called manoir de La Taille.

It was owned in the 14th century by the de La Taille family: it only remains one tower. It was destroyed during the Hundred Years War and rebuilt by Martin de La Taille towards 1450.

From that second castle, it remains a façade. You'll see here important vestiges: a fortified gate, two massive and square towers with arrow loopholes.

This castle was the birthplace of de La Taille family: two poets were born here, Jacques and Jean de La Taille.

You know what? This last one was the author of the three unities in classic theatre (unity of action, of time and place)! Jean spent his youth in the manor.

The beautiful and large estate inspired him those verses:

"Quel plaisir est-ce aux champs, où semble que le jour Soit plus clair et plus beau et moins court qu'à la Cour De jouir du printemps, de voir faire aux tourterelles Et leurs nids, et leurs chants et leurs amours fidèles..."

Which means in English:

"It's nice to be here in the meadow, where days are lighter, nicer and longer than in Court! What a pleasure to see doves making their nests, to ear them singing..."

The castle was converted into a farm in the beginning of the 20th century, and it escaped narrowly to the ruin. Recently, a descendant of Jean de La Taille owned the castle in order to restore it.

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