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Jeanne de Belleville's revenge, the Bloody Lioness

The castle | Orikrin1998 / CC-BY-SA
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Nantes, 1343. Jeanne de Belleville impressed this monstrous vision on her memory: her husband’s head stuck in a pike.

Executed few hours ago. She stood there, strained. As pale as death. Already pondering her revenge...

Everything had began few weeks ago. Olivier IV of Clisson left his Clisson castle, the proud fortress raised by his ancestor Olivier I... The Clisson were proud Breton lords from Nantes area.

Olivier had to go to Paris, on the occasion of big tournaments given by king Philippe VI to celebrate his son’s wedding. Olivier never came back... never!

A plot?!

His wife Jeanne de Belleville was waiting for him in Clisson with their son, little Olivier, 7 years old: future famous constable of France, who was born here.

But Olivier IV was arrested in Paris. Locked in jail. Why? Accused of plotting against Charles of Blois (king’s nephew) during the Breton succession war.

You know, the war for the Breton duchy. Olivier was charged with treason and connivance with English enemies. Without a single proof. Without a trial. Olivier was executed... They sent his head in Nantes and put it on a pike on the city ramparts.

The Tigress

When Jeanne saw it, she swore she would take revenge. To kill those who permitted such an injustice.

Lots of Breton lords joined her and started to plunder all the neighbouring castles kept by the French. But she needed more.

So, she bought boats and waged war against all the French vessels! Jeanne was nicknamed the Tigress and she became a pirate. She sold all her possessions, all her lands to buy a fleet.

She sold her soul to the Devil, too! And her kids were always with her. Especially young Olivier, the future constable.

But this gory war wore out Jeanne before her age. She withdrew in England, raised her son and taught him to hate the French.

Little Olivier would come back in France, and join king of France and his new companion, Bertrand du Guesclin, a Breton like him...

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