Joan of Arc and Château-Thierry's prostitutes

Saint-Pierre gateSaint-Pierre gate | ©Pline / CC-BY-SA

Joan was on her way back from Reims, where she had crowned her king, Charles VII. We were in 1429.

She arrived in Château-Thierry by the Southern gate (the Saint-Pierre gate).

Far from resting, she expelled the English who occupied the city since 7 long years… and became completely nuts in front of a brazen wench!

We saw in Gien that Joan hated those kind of women. She hated, she cursed them!!

And women were not allowed in her army, honestly! Except her…

In front of the city’s gate, Joan saw one day the mistress of one of her soldier, riding her lover’s horse.

Damned! Immediately, Joan gave chase to her, her sword in her hand. She almost caught her when she saw the fright on the woman’s face!

Joan calmed down and said sweetly to her: ″I forbid you to frequent soldiers. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.″

The two women made peace. And Joan quietly left the place in order to pray in the castle’s chapel...