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Joan of Arc's baptism in Saint-Rémy church in Domrémy

The church | PRA / CC-BY
Festivities Parish church Joan of Arc Saint-Rémy church in Domrémy

Here, Joan was baptized!

Joan and the tank

From the window of her little bedroom, in the familial house of Domrémy, Joan saw her church!

Joan of Arc, of course… And in this church dedicated to Saint-Rémy her baptism took place! Yes, look!

We can see objects dating back to Joan’s time: the font, where she put her fingers; the statue of saint Marguerite (14th c.), her loyal protector, she used to pray for hours; the baptismal tank (12th c.) where ″master Jean Minet″ held the little Joan during her baptism… pretty touching, isn’t’ it?

Godfathers and godmothers

Joan had several godfathers and godmothers, gathered here for the occasion: Jean Morel, from Greux. Jean Barrey, from Neufchâteau. Jeannette, from Domrémy. Béatrix, Estellin’s wife, ploughman in Domrémy. The wife of a cleric from Neufchâteau (a well-read woman, she red and wrote!): Jeannette Thiercelin...

Besides, Joan was named after this last woman.

Joan was known as Jeanne, in France: but she was Jeannette at home, here in Lorraine.

At that time, in the area, people had diminutive or nicknames: for instance, Joan’s mum was Isabelle, nicknamed Zabillet!

The visit of Saint-Rémy of Domrémy

The church of Domrémy dates back to the 13th century, restored in 1585 (proof of that, an engraved date on the vault) and extended in 1825.

At this precise moment, the orientation was completely reversed!

Don’t miss the recent stained-glass windows (20th c.) representing Joan and her saints.

We also have two plaques indicating the graves of the two brothers Thiercelin, sons of Joan’s godmother:

″Here lie Jacob Thiercelin, who died in 1483, the 15th day of November, and Didier Thiercelin, his brother, who died in 14...″ (faded inscription).

Those two ones were witnesses during Joan’s trial.

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