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Johann Kleberger, the man sketched by Dürer

Kleberger by Durer | Art Gallery ErgsArt / Public domain
Statue Albrecht Dürer Lyon Homme de la Roche

We have a portrait of Johann Kleberger, the man of the rock! A portrait made by the famous Albrecht Dürer (he was also born in Nuremberg).

Look! Johann’s face seems so determined!

Around him, we can read: E(FFEGIES) . IOANI . KLEBERGERS NORICI . AN(NO) . AETA(TIS) . SVAE . XXXX, which means "This is Johann Kleberger's portrait, 40 years old."

What else we can see, in this painting? On the top left, a yellow coat of arm flanked by suns or stars.

Top right, Durer’s monogram and the date of 1526.

Bottom right, a small character dressed in red, with clovers in his hands.

The portrait is currently in the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Fine Arts Museum) in Vienna, Austria.

First it was part of the Pirckheimer family’s private collection, then the painting was bought by emperor Rudolph II.

In 1781, they put it in the museum... They say a museum of Lyon had its own copy, made in Vienna in 1842!

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