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Jublains and its Gallo-Roman fortress

The fortress | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Fortification Jublains archaeological site

A complete Gallo-Roman city, with houses, streets, theatre, Fortune temple, and a vast castellum ("stronghold") with surrounding wall! Pretty rare in France, and well-preserved!

Gallic people called Aulerques-Diablintes used to live in Jublains. But Romans besieged the city and it became Noviodunum: they moved here and raised theatres, temples, houses...

The most well-preserved building is the fortress (117 metres long), flanked by 10 towers and with a wall 5 metres thick. A kind of big keep was raised in the middle of the fortress: it looked like those strongholds they raised in Normandy, in the Middle-Ages!

Inside the castellum, we found a second wall and several buildings as thermae, bedrooms, an impluvium (a rainwater collecter), warehouses... Indeed, because of the thickness of walls, we think that this fortress was a vast strong box!

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