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Jumièges abbey's green wolf

Illustration picture | Public domain
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Austreberte, abbess of Savilly (a small convent raised near Jumièges by saint Philibert) came back one day from the river with washing. She came across a vast wood, with a donkey carrying the washing. Suddenly, a wolf appeared and attacked the donkey!

But... he nearly killed it! Austreberte, without taking aback, stopped the wolf and calmed it down. Then she load the washing on her back. "You scoffed my donkey, said she to the wolf, so now, you must help me."

They both came back to the abbey... The wolf followed the saint without batting an eye, until he died! The legend says this wolf was called "the Green Wolf", because he swore he would become a vegetarian!

Later, people created the "Green Wolf Brotherhood", which celebrated the Midsummer's day each year, until 1921! Austreberte and her wolf were carved on a corner of the abbot church, in Jumièges...

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