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Jumilhac castle's legend of the spinner

Illustration picture, 1340 | Public domain
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On a quiet place, on the frontier between Périgord and Limousin, here's Jumilhac, raised in 1289 by the Bruchard family, on a very strategical place.

At a time when our nice Périgord belonged to the English, because of the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri II Plantagenet...

Well, the current castle was raised by Antoine Chapelle: from 1580, he transformed the old fortress into this nice castle with high slate roofs and schist façades.

Antoine's grandson, François, completed his ancestor's masterpiece and created beautiful formal gardens and a courtyard. In the living rooms, nice panelling...

Jumilhac was sold in 1811: but in 1927, marquis of Jumilhac, who belonged to the primitive lords who owned the castle, bought the estate!

But, by the way... did you hear about a legend, the legend of the spinner?

Louise de Hautefort was her name. Her husband, lord of Jumilhac, locked her in a vaulted room, in the castle.

She stayed here her whole life through... The poor lady spent all her time spinning and she even drew a fresco on the wall, we still see nowadays...

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