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La Chaise-Dieu abbey and the bees

The abbey | GautierPoupeau / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Legend La Chaise-Dieu abbey

This Benedictine abbey, one of France’s most famous one, was founded by saint Robert in 1036. He left the city of Brioude to found his monastery, but he didn’t know where to raise the buildings.

The legend says he took a hammer, turned round and round closing his eyes, and dropped his tool… which embedded itself in the soil, at a precise place. A nice place, lovely and green…

Well, though Robert to himself, I would found my abbey here! Other monks started to come and helped for the construction…

And something really strange happened. They were laying down first stones, when suddenly, a huge bees swarm appeared and soared to the sky! Monks thought it was a miracle.

A sign: one day, in their abbey, there would be as many monks as bees…

Actually, La Chaise abbey became one of the most powerful abbey in France!

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