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La Couvertoirade city and the water donation

The water used to run through that hole | Daniel Villafruela / CC-BY-SA
Medieval city Epidemic La Couvertoirade fortifications

First owned by Nant abbey, the land of la Couvertoirade fell to the Templars, when count of Barcelona Raymond Béranger gave them an estate on the Larzac plateau, in 1158.

From the 13th century, Templars raised a little fortified city flanked by round towers and protected by a big wall with crenelates and a covered way.

But the fortifications were extended during the Hundred Years War. Inside the city, there was a building for Templars (commanderie), composed of a castle and a church: here, knights used to cure and feed ill people.

Did you know that pilgrims could, without entering the city, drink the collected rainwater?

Indeed, Templars created a kind of little pond, where water ran into a tunnel opened in the wall! And strangers could not enter in the city, in order to protect inhabitants from epidemics...

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