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Lavin, a falsifier in Miolans castle's darkness

The interior | Otourly / CC-BY-SA
Castle Tragic destiny Imprisonment Miolans castle

Raised from the 11th to the 16th century, the powerful fortress of Miolans, all alone on his straight down rock, makes our blood turn cold! Why? Because of the dizzy view, overlooking the combe of Savoie? Err, not really... No, Miolans was a sinister jail in the 18th and 19th centuries.

They locked here the famous marquis de Sade, the no less famous falsifier Lavin... here's his story: count de Stertillan, king of Savoie Charles-Emmanuel III's Finance Minister, wanted to increase his region's income. So he asked his secretary, Lavin, to make false money.

The count assured him they were allowed to do that, of course! And... Lavin get to work! But they were quickly exposed: our falsifier was locked in Miolans in 1762. He was only 25 years old... He stayed here 20 years long!

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