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Legends in Craux castle: blood and king of France

Charles VII | The British Library / Public domain
Castle Legend Charles VII Craux castle

In the beginning

The legend says a bloody spring ran near the big castle... blood of prisoners locked in the castle! Oh, keep quiet, it’s just a legend! That’s not blood, but only a spring rich in iron!

Another legend says the future Charles VII spent several days in the castle, while his father, Charles VI, went mad, and his mother, Isabel of Bavaria, gave France to king of England...

Anyway, a thing is sure: d’Ucel family, mentioned since the 11th century, owned the fief of Craux in the Middle-Ages.

They raised the first fortress in the 13th century, on the location of the old country cottage belonging to Antraigues lords: a quadrilateral flanked by 2 towers and a third one raised in the beginning of the 17th century.

We had stables, sheepfold, barn: indeed, d’Ucel lords owned 40 hectares land!

Craux history

The last member of d’Ucel family gave the estate to her husband, marquis Raymond de Mourmoiron, in 1750.

But this one disliked that austere stronghold!

So he sold it to Christophe de Fabrias, a councillor from Montpellier. But Craux was abandoned when the Revolution came... A long, looooong ruin! Finally, in 1982, Craux was listed as a Historical monument. 12 years later, the village owned it and restored it. Phew, that was a close call! Nowadays, this fine castle sitting on an old crater, in middle of chestnut trees, houses a medieval festival, each summer.

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