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Lord of Colombières' plunderings

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Wars of Religion Colombières castle

This important fortress built in the 12th century by lords of Colombières was replaced by the current castle in 14th century. One of those lords was William the Conqueror's comrade in arm. In middle of 16th century, the castle belonged to the powerful protestant family de Briqueville, who terrified all the area during wars of religion... they organized the plundering of Bayeux cathedral in 1562! Oh well, when I say "they", I speak here about one and single man! François de Briqueville, more precisely, one of the greatest captains with his time. He embraced the Reformed religion when wars of religion began, escaped from Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre by a hair's breadth. In Normandy, he fought two years against the Catholics and died at Saint-Lo's siege. Huge quadrilateral surrounding by wide moats, Colombières fronts was redrafted in 18th century in classical style by marquis de Girardin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's guardian.

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