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Losse castle's White Lady legend

The castle and the river Vézère | Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
Castle Tragic destiny Legend Ghost Losse castle

A legend involved a lord of Losse, in the 13th century… His neighbour, lord of Sauveboeuf, was at war with lords of Losse and Montignac. Sir of Losse was in love with the pretty daughter of Sauveboeuf! But Montignac decided to set Losse against Sauveboeuf, so he could get back few lands. The war went on, but unfortunately the lord of Losse was killed, his skull broken during the siege of castle of Sauveboeuf, murdered by Montignac! So they could marry Montignac with Sauveboeuf’s daughter… But the poor young lady, when she heard about her lover's death, threw herself out of a castle’s window, in the river... few days before her wedding. Her body slowly drifted in front of castle of Losse, in front of her dear lover's house! People used to say her sad ghost appeared every night, near river Vézère…

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