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Lourdes castle's legend

The castle | Manu4u2 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Legend Charlemagne Lourdes castle

Do you know where does the name Lourdes come from? From a legend... At the end of the 8th century, Charlemagne had conquered all the area and arrived in front of Lourdes city. A Saracen lord, Mirat, who lived here, defended the stronghold. Charlemagne and his army didn't try to besiege the fortress. They patiently waited... One day, an eagle perched on the castle's highest tower, and dropped a big fish at Mirat's feet. This one picked it up and threw it over the surrounding wall. Charlemagne thought Mirat and his troops had enough foods... they even spoilt it! The king knew a siege was doomed to fail... so he left! Mirat kept the fortress and was baptised with the Christian name Lorus!

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