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Love story and rose from Provins

Provins rose (1851, Houtte, L. van) | Swallowtail Garden Seeds / CC-BY
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What’s this?

In Provins (Seine-et-Marne), they make syrups and jams with roses... all those recipes use the Rosa Gallica, famous Provins' rose. But the most famous product is the rose candy.

A sweet, delicate taste, nicely flavoured...

The little history

The loving count's flower

Count of Champagne and king of Navarre, Thibaud nicknamed le Chansonnier ("Songwriter"), came back from Crusades. We were in 1240. He brought back a piece of the Cross and above all, a real treasure...

Which one? The primitive rose of Provins, he gave to church of Sainte-Croix! Was it the Jericho rose, the immortal flower?

The tradition says Thibaud brought back the rose for a lady, the one he loved. He adored queen Blanche of Castila, king saint Louis' terrible mother!

Gloomier than ever, he retired in his Provins castle and wrote poems, taking care of his precious rose, the ancestor of all our current Rosa Gallica...

A pharmaceutical miracle!

Anyway, Thibaud's rose enjoyed Provins' weather. People started to trade it, from the 13th to the 18th century!

They used it in pharmacy and perfumery: it cured stomach pains, sore throats and ulcers. They transformed roses into syrups, infusions, but also into poultice, eyewash, enema and injection!

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