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Lust goat and Roman antiques

The lust in Saint-Pierre | Pierre Poschadel / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Saint-Pierre-of-Montmartre church

2 temples were raised on the Montmartre's hill in the Gallo-Roman time. Proof of that? We found 4 columns and 5 antic capitals in the current church... In 1116, monks from Saint-Martin-des-Champs moved in here, in Montmartre, then followed by Benedictine sisters from Reims. Meanwhile, they raised a new church and buildings for the abbey.

The actual church kept several parts of this former church, as the nave and the apse, rebuilt in 1180. War of Religion troubled the abbey. In 1688, they rebuilt the façade, the current one. During the Revolution, even the bell-tower was demolished! The choir was converted into a warehouse for the Chappe's telegraph, and they built a tower on the apse...

In 1814, the church was invaded by Russians troops... who moved in here and equipped a baker's oven! In 1850, the church was in danger of collapsing! They'd better demolish it, don't you think? But in 1897, Saint-Pierre was saved! The architect Sauvageot, a disciple of Viollet-le-Duc, restored it from 1900 to 1905.

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