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Lyon, place de la Bourse, 1894. Sadi Carnot fell, murdered

The car where Sadi died | Benoît Prieur / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA
Homicide House Sadi Carnot Lyon Stock Exchange

The stock Exchange, an institution

Lyon Stock Exchange took place on the place du Change ("Exchange square"), open-air.

During the French Revolution, the Stock moved place des Terreaux ("Terreaux square) until November 1795.

After that, it took place in the Saint-Pierre palace (old abbey St-Pierre-des-Nonnains, current Fine Arts museum).

Then it was transferred in the current building, raised by René Dardel, an architect from Lyon!


Inaugurated by Napoleon III in August 1860, the building is made of several architectural styles.

Oh, by the way, did you know a pretty tragically event happened here?

French president Sadi Carnot was murdered here on June 24th 1894...

Carnot visited Lyon and came out from a diner organized here for him: a happy crowd surrounded him, a very thick crowd... which completely hid from sight a man who suddenly swooped down on him and stabbed him: an Italian anarchist, Caserio.

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