Madeleine created the madeleine from Commercy

Illustration pictureIllustration picture | ©Un Chausson / CC-BY-SA

What’s this?

One of the most famous French recipe... the madeleine!

It comes from Commercy, Lorraine. Created for the first time in 1755, it has a shell shape, striated on one side, round on the other side.

They still make madeleines in Commercy, with butter, with no preservative.

Golden and melting, just taste it, with a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee... yum!

The little history

The recipe and the name of this cake come from Madeleine Paumier, Mr Perrotin de Barmond's cook.

She created these little cakes in 1755 for king of Poland Stanislas Leszczynski, king of France Louis XV’s step-father and duke of Lorraine.

With the rum baba, it was his favourite dessert!