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Malle castle's Italian gardens

The gardens | Charles2lb / CC-BY-SA
Garden Castle Malle castle

Malle is a winery producing sauternes. But before the 16th century, the estate already produced wine, and we found a small stronghold where the current castle was raised.

But here's the family who gave his name to the castle, Malle family, who owned the place in 1540. The old fortress wasn't exactly to their liking...

Jacques de Malle, president of the parliament in Bordeaux, decided to raise a new house in the beginning of the 17th century.

And in 1702, Malle fell to Lur-Saluces by marriage. Alexandre-Eutrope de Lur-Saluces altered the façade: he added a pediment with Ionic pilasters, flanked by his family's coat of arms.

By the way, you'll see, at the entrance of the courtyard, an iron gate with this blazon.

In the 18th century, they laid out a park.

During your visit, you may go for a walk in it, and admire the classical façade peppered with Renaissance elements... a true Italian air, isn't it?

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