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Marguerite of Burgundy, a dethroned queen in Couches castle

Couches, the Justice tower | Abujoy / CC-BY-SA
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The famous French novel Les Rois maudits ("The Accursed Kings") popularized the adulterous story of Margaret of Burgundy, king Louis X the Quarreller's wife, caught in deceiving his royal husband in Nesle tower, in Paris!

She died in the Château-Gaillard in 1333... but others said that she spent her life and died in Couches castle!

Anyway, Couches was raised in the 11th century for a lord Gaudry: it was a big square keep. In the 15th century it belonged to lords of Montaigu. Rochechouart family inherited Couches by marriage in the 16th century.

Little transformations were made: ditches were filled and terraces laid out, in order to make the fortress less... austere. But Couches became the League headquarters during wars of Religion: Catholics were soon besieged by Protestants.

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