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Marie Anson, Alençon castle's legend

Detail | Romain Bréget / CC-BY-SA
Castle Homicide Legend Ghost Alençon ducal castle

Raised in the 10th century on a swamp, Alençon fortress used to protect the Sarthe valley, before entering Maine area.

Damaged during the Hundred Years War, destroyed during wars of Religion, we still can see nice vestiges, as for instance the tour Couronnée ("Crowned tower").

Founded by Guillaume I Talvas, count of Alençon and of Bellême, Henri I Beauclerc added to the castle a square keep in the 12th century (razed in the 18th century): Henri was king of England, William the Conqueror's son.

He had his garrison in Alençon. We still can see nowadays the entrance of the first wall, overlooking the street: those two big towers (22 metres high) with machicolation, flanked by a detached house, were raised by duke Jean I in the 15th century.

Did you notice the Crowned tower, with its superposed towers? The legend says lady Marie Anson died with sorrow here... But why?! Her husband, lord Renaud, suspected her of infidelity.

He took revenge by murdering their baby-born. Some says we can see Marie's ghost wandering at the top of the tower, at night...

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