Marie Stuart came to see her granny in Joinville castle

M. Stuart education at François II's court, 1836M. Stuart education at François II's court, 1836 | ©Scailyna / Public domain

In the court of France

1559. A tall red-headed woman, cramped in her garnet dress, roamed in gardens of Joinville. By her side, king of France François II. Her husband… Did you recognize her?

Queen of Scotland Marie Stuart came to visit her granny the duchess de Guise Antoinette de Bourbon. Marie was the only daughter of the French Marie de Guise and king of Scotland James V Stuart!

Her dad quickly died at war: Marie was proclaimed queen of Scotland… 6 days after her birth. Mum made the regency: meanwhile, Marie spent happy days in the court of France.

She even married the dauphin François, the king of France’s son: she became for 1 year a short-lived French queen… 1 year, because François died of illness at 16.

Mess in England!

Shoo! Marie came back in Scotland, then. There, things were pretty bad: her mum had just died and the Scottish noblemen started to grumble. They hated Marie the French Catholic, in a country where Protestantism was recognized as the official religion! Marie re-married lord Darnley (a boor!), but soon this one died… murdered.

Well, Marie didn’t go into mourning, nooo! She immediately married James Hepburn, Darnley’s murderer! So, noblemen went nuts: rebellion!!! Marie had to abdicate. Expelled, she took shelter in England next to her cousin, queen Elisabeth Ist.

But Catholics plotted to drive Elizabeth the Protestant away, to replace her by the sweet Marie… 2 queens for the same little island, that was too much, anyway! But plots were revealed. Marie was arrested and accused of treason, then sentenced to death and decapitated near London.