Meeting two rarities in Amiens cathedral

EvrardEvrard | ©Vassil / Public domain

The cathedral houses two nice and rare recumbent figures! Those of Evrard de Fouilloy and Geoffroy d'Eu, bishops of Amiens died in 1222 and 1236.

The first one founded the cathedral, the other one succeeded him in order to complete his work.

Those statues are made of bronze, they have lots of common features.

At the beginning, the two men were buried in the middle of the nave, until the famous architect Viollet-le-Duc moved them in their current place, in 1867.

Evrard's figure (the nicest one) wears his ceremony cloth and crushes a dragon with his foot: it symbolizes Church who strikes down heresy...

Two clerics stand by him, they wear candles. Above him, two angels hold censers.

Geoffroy's statue was a little bit damaged! You see? Fingers were broken: the tradition says it was a default happened during the smelting or... because a fanatic broke them!

In the past, people and children used to get up on the figure in order to see the mass!