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Mélusine strikes again... this time in Vouvant!

The tower | SeeSchloss / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Tower Legend Vouvant Mélusine tower

This 4 storeys' tower dates back to 1242, small vestige of the old castle put up by Hugues II de Lusignan, nicknamed the Beloved.

Do you know where this Mélusine name comes from? Well, Lusignan family was absolutely convinced they were descendant of the famous Mélusine fairy!

Overlooking the city, the fortress was surrounded by a triple wall flanked by crenelated towers and deep ditches. Inside, there was a farmyard with stables, several wells, a pond and service buildings.

In the middle, there was the keep, sitting on a sod. The proud fortress was demolished by order of King Henri III, except the Mélusine tower...

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