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Mercury, Severinus and Company in Wasembourg

The temple | Wssw / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Castle Wasenbourg castle

The name of this red sandstone fortress, Wasenbourg, comes from Wasgau, an old Franco-German district located on Vosges mountains, and from burg, which means "castle".

The site was occupied earlier with Romans: we still can see a Latin inscription on a rock (foundations of a temple dedicated to Mercury): Severinus Stullinus, son of Caius, raised and dedicated this house to god Mercury.

We don't know the exact history of Wasembourg: we only know the name of families who lived here: the Lichtenberg, counts of Hanau, the Nietheimer, the Atteimer. Raised in the 15th century, it was abandoned in the 17th century...

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