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Molière, his muses, his fountain

The fountain | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Fountain Molière Molière fountain

Between rue Richelieu and rue Molière, there’s a little fountain. A man called Joseph Régnier, actor of the Comédie Française, suggested to raise a monument in memory of Molière.

No problem! They started to collect money. A laborious collect, phew! Money lacked... The French Nation was forced to put its hand on its pocket to make up the sum!

Sculptor Visconti (who created the Saint-Sulpice's fountain in Paris) drew plans of the fountain from 1844: Bernard-Gabriel Seurre carved Molière statue.

He’s sitting on his chair, a quill in his hand. What about figures standing by his side? They are muses of Comedy and Tragedy, by Jean-Jacques Pradier.

By the way, why did they raise the fountain here? Because Molière used to live in a house at number 34, rue de Richelieu!

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