Monet and his house in Giverny: one day, I'll get you!

The houseThe house | ©Remi Jouan / CC-BY-SA

This house used to belong to the most famous impressionist painter: Claude Monet.

The artist came across by chance Giverny village and its green and pink house, in 1883. Immediately seduced, he decided to settle there.

But Monet didn't make yet a good living and he could only rent the house he always dreamed of. Once he get money, he could finally buy it for 22 000 francs.

The interior was made of a blue reading-room, a kitchen, a dining-room, a workshop where the painter completed his Water-Lilies series at the end of 19th century.

Monet bought an additional plot of land in 1893 in order to house an artificial garden and its pond, with its little bridge inspired by Japanese art... Rebuilt, the house nowadays houses Claude Monet's museum. Off we go!