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Montaner castle? Phébus raised it!

The Foix-Béarn's arms | Florent Pécassou / CC-BY-SA
Castle Gaston Phébus Montaner fortress

Unique vestige of the powerful fortress of lords of Aner, the 40 metres keep is standing at the top of its hill. We are here on borders of the viscounty of Bearn, of the county of Armagnac and Bigorre, a very strategic place.

Gaston de Foix-Bearn, nicknamed Phoebus, put his architect Sicard de Lordat in charge of the rebuilding of the old fortress.

Between 1375 and 1380, the castle raised little by little. They used bricks, because it's a very cheap material. The peak? The keep with its three metres solid walls on 5 storeys, which made its builder very proud: a blazon above the entrance says in all modesty "Phebus made me"!

Refuge for Protestants during wars of religion, Montaner was demolished in 1620... except its keep! The tower was purchased by Pyrénées-Atlantiques departement in 1840.

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