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Montmartre abbess' vineyards

The vineyard | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Vineyard Montmartre vineyards

In the beginning of the year 1921, Paris city decided to raise council flats, on the current location of the vineyard.

But people who lived in the district started to protest! They organized a petition. At the end of December, councillors gave up: phew, the land was preserved!

It was finally decided to plant a vine, in 1933, in memory of the old Parisian vineyards. Old, oh, sure!

Since the 12th century, nuns of Montmartre owned a little press house near their church Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre. This wine was quite good, and very diuretic...

People from Montmartre, in the 19th century, used to say: Jinglet très fin, d'une saveur à faire danser les chèvres, mais si désaltérant qu'on le boit comme du petit lait. Hiccup!

That means: "This fine wine makes goats dancing, it's so refreshing that it goes down a treat"!

When the grape harvest was made, grapes were stocked in cellars, in the city hall. Bottles were sold by auction on the next year.

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