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Montparnasse cemetery's mill

The mill | Poulpy / CC-BY-SA
Burial place Mill Montparnasse cemetery
Originally, this cemetery was called "Southern cemetery": it was the first one created after they decided, during French revolution, to demolish all the Parisian cemeteries. Opened on July 25th 1824, near the rue de la Gaité, you have to imagine how cabarets owners, in this lively street, reacted! Huh, they seemed to dislike this new strange neighbour... Anyway the cemetery quickly extended from 1847. Did you notice, among tombs, this mill called tour de la Charité ("Charity tower"), raised in the 14th or 15th century? It has no longer wings, but it evokes the bucolic origins of the estate, when the cemetery was Louis-le-Grand students' playground...

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