Montréal and Dordogne: the link with the Canada

Cartier in Mont-RoyalCartier in Mont-Royal | ©Public domain

Bretons in Dordogne

Who raised the current castle of Montréal? The Pontbriand. Oh, Breton lords!

Pierre de Pontbriand left his Celtic native land, in the beginning of the 16th c., to move in the sunny Périgord.

What a big change! Because he completely embarked on a new life: he came to marry Montréal’s heiress, Anne de Peyronenc… They had a son, Claude. A famous guy!

Montréal... in Canada

Montréal, in Dordogne? Is there a link with the Canadian city? Sure! Claude de Pontbriand, lord of Montréal, took part in Jacques Cartier's second expedition in October 1535.

The one where they reached Saint-Laurent's banks, in the small city of Hochelaga.

Aah, all those Breton explorers, who left Saint-Malo, the proud pirate harbour, in search of discoverings and distant lands!

There was mist, that day, the icy air stung their skins… but gosh, they were happy and proud! Cartier wanted to pay homage to his brave team member Pontbriand, and called the city they had found... Montreal!

By the way, Montréal means mont royal, "royal mountain". A perfect name, for a land so rich, so full of promises, isn’t it?