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Murbach abbey and its terrible carnage place

The grave | Rh-67 / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Massacre Benedictine Murbach abbey

In the church, we can see a sarcophagus, with 7 monks’ remains inside. 7 monks lost in the dark medieval turmoil, at a time where Barbarian came and killed everyone.

In 929, Hungarian rushed into Murbach: slaughters, blood, dust… In the village and in the abbey, they went through hell.

But the 7 monks led by abbot Wambert finally escaped, frail silhouettes in the evening… Hungarian riders reached them and massacred them, one by one: since that time, the place is known as Mordfeld, “carnage’s field”…

Inscriptions on their grave say: Nostrorum fratrum jacet hic funus tumulatum. Vim rosei finis pertulit iste cinis. Hinc bene migrabant quos Hunni mortificabant. Hos, Deus in coelis loetificare velis. » and « Claudit multorum proesens lapis ossa virorum, In lemplo veteri jam pridem digna teneri. Horum placatus, si sunt, tege, Christe, reatus, Nos vice dando pari per eorum vota juvari.

Célestin de Béroldingen, abbot of Murbach, restored the grave in the beginning of the 18th c.

What about that recumbent figure? Oh, it’s Eberhard of Eguishem's statue, the lord who gave the land to the monks to raise the abbey.

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