Murder in Loury church, the castle suffered from that

The castleThe castle | © / CC-BY-NC-SA

Just behind the church, here's the castle, an 18th century sober house with turrets crowned by a pointed roof.

In the 14th century, the seigneury belonged to Lamy family who kept it one century, then to the Pellard family.

But in 1646, Jean de Pellard killed the priest during the Mass! Why?! Because this one refused to give overlord's son the incense as a present.

Ooh, bad choice... King of France punished the criminal by destroying his castle!

Let me tell you that the priest's murder had repercussions on Loury's barony: they even lost their rights, as for instance annual fairs ones.

Loury people decreased, because merchants and craftsmen started to move! The church itself was closed until February 1647, when bishop of Bourges decided to make peace.