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Nonza church: breasts and miraculous water stories

The fountain | Fr Maxim Massalitin / CC-BY-SA
Martyr Miracle Parish church Sainte-Julia church in Nonza

Julia, patron saint of Corsica, was born in Nonza! The poor one was martyred here, in the 4th century.

The legend says the Romans cut her two breasts, and threw them near a rock: surprise, two springs spurted out from them!

A very odd legend, I know... but meanwhile, we still can see this fountain with miraculous waters, near the church! Oh, the church... It’s a Classical building, raised in the 16th century on foundations of an older church.

They altered it at the end of the 19th century. Oh, come here! The altar (end of the 17th century) came from the destroyed convent of Saint-François...

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