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Notre-Dame-de-Bermont, a shelter for Joan of Arc

Bermont Virgin | Frikar / CC-BY-SA
Chapel Joan of Arc Notre-Dame-de-Bermont chapel

Joan of Arc and her Virgin of Bermont

Joan’s shelter

Few kilometers from Domrémy, on the commune of Greux, here’s the chapel Notre-Dame-de-Bermont.

A young maid from Lorraine spent all her time here… Joan! Joan of Arc, of course.

Here, she made the vow to deliver France. Joan had always been loyal to the Virgin Mary of Bermont.

A ploughman from Greux, during her trial, said she was always in the church: when her parents thought she was ploughing the fields, not at all!

She came her, often with her sister Catherine.

Joan’s souvenirs...

The chapel was re-raised, but statues we see today are the genuine ones, the ones Joan knew.

Besides, the statue of Our-Lady of Bermont was moved in the crypt of the basilica of the Bois-Chenu, in Domrémy…

A lovely Virgin holding in her hands a fleur de lis.

Well, well, well! Coincidence? Maybe not: Joan embroidered a Virgin who get a lis from an angel, on her banner… her Virgin from Lorraine, from Bermont!

Anyway, we can see a small fountain, near the chapel, the fountain of Saint-Thiébaud. Joan drank its water when she came in Bermont.

The chapel in few words

The chapel of Our-Lady was founded by Antoine Sigismond of Lorraine in 920.

A leper hospital was also created, but people especially came in pilgrimage to see the Virgin.

In the middle of the 13th century, the chapel became a dependency of the Benedictine Bourgeuil abbey, in Touraine.

But Touraine was far away, and it was difficult to manage: so, monks sold it in 1263 to Geoffroy de Bourlémont, who just founded a hospital in the area.

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