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Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, lost Burgundians and Black Death

N.-D.-de-Bonsecours, 16th c | Cédric Amey / CC-BY-SA
Epidemic Miracle Parish church Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours church

Lost souls?

Notre-Dame was raised on Burgundians soldiers' common grave, killed during the battle of Nancy in 1477.

Poor bodies, lost soul condemned to roam for eternity, who knows?

The religious Jean Villey de Scesse promised he would raise a chapel here, dedicated to Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, ″Our-Lady of Good Help″.

But he died, so canon Ambroise de Charnières made his vow come true.

The chapel was consecrated in 1498 and was called Burgundians’ chapel!

Kings under the coat

In 1505, duke René II asked sculptor Mansuy Gauvain to create a Virgin Mary statue: we still see her in the church.

Oh, she’s so pretty, with her heavy coat sheltering kings and bishops!

Miracles suddenly happened… Pilgrims rushed. More and more each day! The little chapel had to be extended, in 1629.

A remedy against the plague!

The plague hit in 1631. Let's pray virgin Mary!

People made the solemn vow to say Mass every week in her honour, if the epidemic ended.

And it happened! A marble plaque echoes this vow in the church.

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