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Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, miracles in Picpus

The chapel | Mbzt / CC-BY-SA
Chapel Miracle Picpus chapel

This is the old convent belonging to St-Augustin canoness, with a church on a quiet courtyard.

It was named after a wooden Black Virgin statue (a miraculous one of course!), which came from the old Capuchin convent in rue Saint-Honoré.

A convent raised on lands given by duke of Joyeuse, king Henri III’s brother: the legend says he owned the statue, then he gave it to the monks. These ones put it in their chapel, they called it Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix ("Our-Lady-of-Peace")...

The little statue started miracles! Disabled persons were cured... even king Louis XIV was cured of a bad illness in 1658! But when the Revolution came, monks were expelled from the rue Saint-Honoré. What about the statue?

They removed it from the church in order to put it in complete safety. Duke de Joyeuse’s heirs suddenly reappeared and asked for the statue... Finally the Virgin was put in Picpus convent in 1806.

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