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Notre-Dame in Saint-Saturnin and queen Margot's altar

The altar | Père Igor / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Queen Margot Notre-Dame church in Saint-Saturnin

This Romanesque church is part of the 5 main churches in Auvergne, with Issoire and Orcival.

This one was raised in the 11th century.

Inside, we find an altar with queen Margaret of Navarre's initials.

Actually, queen Margot came here, when she divorced from king Henri IV!

She took shelter in Nérac, then in Agen and she was exiled in Auvergne (in Usson then in Saint-Saturnin) by king Henri III, her brother.

He was totally exasperate with Margaret, her behaviour and her love affairs.

So, in memory of her visit, her initials were engraved on the altar's golden wood...

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