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October 5th 1728. The future chevalier d'Eon was born in Uzès townhouse

The façade | Velvet / CC-BY-SA
Town house Louise de Clermont-Tallard Chevalier d’Eon Uzès townhouse

This is the famous chevalier d’Eon’s native house!

A delicate white building behind an elegant iron gate.

Today, it houses a bank. But before?

This cityhouse was raised in the 16th century by Louise de Clermont, countess de Tonnerre.

She married Antoine de Crussol, duke of Uzès, in 1556… do you remember? We already met them in their castle of Maulnes (Yonne, Burgundy)…

In short! Their house is a fine instance of Renaissance architecture! In the courtyard, we can see a pediment above the door, flanks by a medallion, in the middle.

The inscription says: Nisi Dominus custodierit domum, frustra vigilat qui custodit cam, which means: ″If the master doesn’t keep his own house, the warden’s vigilance is useless.″

This sentence is probably an allusion to the violent fire that devastated the house, while there was no one inside...

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