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Odile, from the top of her mont, saw the end of the world

Odile's statue in the Mont | Ralph Hammann / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Premonstratensians Sainte-Odile mount

Aaargh, a girl!

The first convent was founded by duke of Alsace Etichon, in the 7th century. His daughter Odile, the first abbess, became Alsace patron saint, after her death!

Do you know Odile, abbess and prophetess? She was born blind. And she was a girl! Her dad, the mighty lord Etichon, was so upset… he wanted a boy!

She was raised by nuns and she regained the sight the day of her baptism, at the age of 13.

Her brother Hugon thought their dad’s anger was over, so he invited her few days in the familial castle.

The father learned about that... and killed his son! Decades later, the old Etichon was dying: he wanted to be forgiven.

So he gave one of his castle to his daughter (Hohenbourg), so she could raise an abbey and pray for him...

Strange prophecies

Do you know Odile made strange predictions? A terrible prophecy predicting the World War II?

It says: ″Listen, listen, o brother. I saw the fear in woods and mountains. The time has come: Germany will be the most warlike country in the world. The time has come: a warrior will come: people will call him the Antichrist, and he’ll be cursed by mothers like Rachel, weeping for their children...″

But it’s only a legend: Odile never wrote that text. It’s a text from the beginning of the 20th century, made to galvanize the army…

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