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Orléans Campo-Santo

Inside the Campo | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Burial place Cloister Orléans Campo-Santo

Look! A cloister here? Not at all: this place surrounds by arcades isn't a cloister! It's as like as two peas... And yet, lots of events took place here, in the peaceful Campo Santo...

The place was known as Martroi-aux-Morts or Martroi Sainte-Croix, which means "Dead's square". It used to be a cemetery, for several centuries.

But we don't know exactly the date of the first burial. We only know the Campo belonged to bishop of Orléans in 1153.

In 1266, a chapel was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The cemetery closed down in 1786 and a new one (Saint-Vincent's graveyard) was built where the current park Pasteur is.

Campo was abandoned...

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