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Orléans Fine Arts museum's treasures

A room in the museum | Croquant / CC-BY-SA
Museum Orléans Fine-Arts museum

This museum is one of the oldest museum in France, with a wide range of pieces of art!

The permanent collection is composed of a fine set of European paintings from the 15th to the 20th century. We also find here a gorgeous pastel drawings room, the second one in France after the Louvre museum!

You'll see Maurice Quentin de la Tour's (king of France Louis XV's painter) beautiful portraits...

Otherwise, you'll see French painters Lubin Baugin (from Pithiviers), Nicolas de Largillière, François de Troy; Dutch artists as Ruysdael and Van Dyck; the Spanish Velazquez...

More than 2 000 paintings, 700 sculptures, 10 000 drawings and 50 000 engravings are awaiting for you!

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