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Parentignat's ladies, at the royal family's service

Mme Elisabeth | Starus / Public domain
Castle Parentignat castle

In 1775, François IV de Lastic restored the castle and laid out gardens. In 1782, finally: architect Pierre Carriol laid down the last stone of Parentignat...

And in the 18th century, lots of things happened! Because the Lastic were friends with the royal family… with queens, especially!

François IV de Lastic married Anne Charron de Ménars, who often came to the royal court in 1763 because she was lady-in-waiting for Mesdames, king Louis XV’s daughters.

Later, her daughter-in-law, marquise de Lastic was the lady-in-waiting for king Louis XVI’s sister, madame Elisabeth, between 1783 and 1791.

She was born Anne-Louise De Montesquiou, sister-in-law of “mummy Quiou”, nanny of emperor Napoleon I’s son.

They became best friends. Elisabeth wrote in a letter she had the “courage of a lion”!

Aaaah, she needed courage… first emigrated with Elisabeth in 1791, Anne was locked a year between 1793 and 1794, during the French Revolution.

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