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Pérouges' mythical siege

Porte d'En-Bas | Toutaitanous / CC-BY-SA
Medieval city Siege Pérouges medieval city

Oh, the nice little fortified city! Some said Pérouges had Roman origins: an Italian settlement moved in from Perugia! Perugia, Pérouges, that's why...

Don't miss those narrow medieval streets, these beautiful old houses and the city house called maison des Princes de Savoie, "Princes of Savoy's house"...

The tradition says in 1468, the city was besieged. Enemies tried to destroy surrounding wall: so inhabitants raised a brick wall in a rush, thinking enemies would leave.

So... it seemed to work! Surprised, vexed because the wall didn't collapse, enemies left with tail between their legs! As a reward for their courage, duke of Savoie exempted Pérouges inhabitants from taxes for 20 years! As soon as, the population increased.

There were 1 500 souls in the 16th century, but in the beginning of the 20th century, a handful of inhabitants left...

The mayor with an association restored houses, buildings, embellished the little city... The French Nation listed Pérouges as a Monument historique!

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