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Philippe Pot, his ghostly weepers stiffened for eternity

Pot's grave in Louvre museum | Son of Groucho / CC-BY
Castle Philippe Pot Chateauneuf castle

So, duke of Burgundy Philip the Good seized Châteauneuf in 1457. To give it to a loyal chap from his court: the mighty Philippe Pot.

Do you know him? We met him in his neighbouring castle of La Rochepot. And if one day you visit Louvre museum in Paris, you'll see his huge tomb…

You’ll see a copy of it, displaying in the castle.

In short! Philippe Pot loyally served Philip the Good then his son Charles the Bold.

And when king of France Louis XI annexed duchy of Burgundy in 1477, he appointed Pot grand seneschal of Burgundy.

Philippe added a little elegant note to the austere medieval fortress: he raised the high Gothic dwelling house in the courtyard, next to the keep, in front of the chapel.

Look: on the chimney located in the Main room, we can see Pot’s motto, Tant elle vaut! A motto popularised by the famous Régnier Pot’s legend.

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